Colosseum Private Tour – Learn Lots about the Ancient Complex Engineering

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 Tours in Rome is ideal and especially considering historical monuments tour is common among tourists. The Colosseum private tour  offers a complimentary pick up and you need not rush to any pick point.


The Colosseum tour when arranged as private tour you get to visit the largest amphitheatre in the world and you can also enjoy the advantage of skip the line. This allows to directly access the metal detector control. The moment you are inside the colosseum the tour will come back to life as the guide will explain the way the gladiators entertain the crowds and show the complex engineering applied to build by the Romans.

The crowds can get entertained with the gladiators spectacular fights explanation and how the technologically advanced entertainment is still valued of its time. The guide will show you the colosseum second level so that you enjoy the view of the arena and the seating areas. It includes the spot the emperor enjoyed shows taking all his family and the reserved Roman senator’s marble seats.

Beautiful adornments 

After the Colosseum, you can walk by the emperor Constantine preserved arch and proceed into the Roman Forum archaeological site that represents the legal, commercial and administrative center in ancient Rome. You will feel literally as though you are in the imperial age s of Rome. While you walk by the ancient ruins where Julius Caesar’s mausoleum was cremated, the ancient Roman senate fascinating structure was imposed as temple of Faustina and Antonino.

The starting time is 8.15 am, 3.30 pm and 4.00 pm. The Roman Forum is a beautiful destination and you can take the main road or walk along Via sacra. Watch the triumphal arches and see the intricate carvings coming to life depicting Victoria, the victory goddess that is next to soldiers and Titus bearing other sacred war spoils and a menorah.