5 Incredible Experiences You Cannot Miss In Bromont!

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Quebec is known for its French influence, because it was a famed French colony until 1760. If you are here, you cannot miss taking a trip to Bromont. Just 45 minutes away from Montreal, Bromont offers that unique experiences that feels different in every season. No matter whether you are on a honeymoon or escapade en famille, there’s enough to explore. Here are some of the things we recommend in Bromont.

  • Ski Bromont. Bromont is known for its hiking trails, and most tourists come here for the love of Ski Bromont, which is offers lessons on skiing and snowboarding, besides activities like hiking. During the summers, you can also enjoy golf and equestrian events. This is a great place to come with the family, especially if you have older kids.

  • Exploring Hiking. With more than 100kms of hiking trails, Bromont is a delight for adventure seekers, and we are talking about free trails here. Hiking here can be divided into five different sections, namely Mount Berthier network, Villageois network, Mount Oak network, Mountain network, and Gale lake network. If you are with your family, you can head for trails around Gale lake network. It is a great experience for those who want to see the panoramic mountain views.
  • Bromont Water Park. If you are in Bromont in summers, Bromont Water Park is a good place to be. There are around 9 easy rides and 4 extreme ones, which offers a mix for the entire family. From the rides to slides, this is a great way to enjoy the weather. Check the timings before coming though.
  • BALNEA Spa. BALNEA is located on a mountainside, close to Lac Gale. Located away from the crowds, this is where you can spend days enjoying yoga, hiking and some amazing spa services, which are influenced by international trends. Also, the cuisine here is incredible in one word. LUMAMI is the restaurant that’s open all through the week, both for clients of the spa and local people.

  • Enjoy mountain biking. Mount Oak Network is where you can explore mountain biking, regardless of your previous experience. If you are just learning or wish to master the sport at your own pace, National Cycling Center Bromont is a great option. Many of the places have push bikes for toddlers, so your entire family can keep busy.

Make sure to plan in advance, especially when you have less than three days in Bromont – There’s too much to cover.