Cheap And Free Things That Visitors Can Enjoy In NYC

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No amount of time is enough to explore NYC. Yes, you read that right! This is a historic city that has world-famous landmarks, over 80 museums, and endless fun activities. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a helicopter tour or something like an expensive organized NYC trip, there are some really fun and cheap things you can try. Here is a list that you can consider.

Try the jazz scene

New York City is known for many jazz clubs, and some of the clubs, like Birdland, are iconic. You can find many shows, events, and specials every week, and while the tickets can be expensive, the amount is worth paying. Jazz clubs serve awesome signature food items with booze, so it’s a nice way to spend the evening.

Watch stars on the High Line

The High Line is an elevated park that has been made on abandoned railway tracks, and it is free. If you happen to go on a Tuesday, you can enjoy star gazing better with telescopes that are set by Amateur Astronomers Association in the evening. Check online for more details. Along the High Line, you can also find food spots to grab something as you walk.

Take the Staten Island Ferry

Staten Island Ferry is a great way to travel between lower Manhattan and Staten Island, and it is absolutely free. You can also consider the East River Ferry that costs around $4 on weekdays to travel to Brooklyn, but the Staten Island Ferry is not only free but offers more panoramic view of some of the most loved landmarks, including Lady Liberty.

Head to Central Park

Central Park is free and is spread over 800-acres. If you are lucky, you may even attend a free concert or live show. While there are paid guided tours offered by private operators, you can also check for free tours offered by the Central Park Conservancy. You can see everything from the legendary fountain to bridges, waterfall and more.

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge and see the Brooklyn Bridge Park

Besides a romantic walk on the Brooklyn Bridge, you can also head to the Brooklyn Bridge Park, where you can find a whole range of activities to enjoy. The views of the Manhattan skyline are spectacular to say the least. If you want to skip the park and enjoy the Brooklyn Bridge, head in the morning when the rush is missing.

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