Check out for some of the upcoming performances in Aspen

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As per a recent survey people who regularly go to concerts are happier with their lives overall than those who don’t. The most important part of the experience, however, is supposedly the communal element, the part where you feel joy among others and essentially experience the best bit of being human. So yeah, kind of makes sense that if you’re doing that more frequently, you’ll likely be doing okay.

Instead of the lives which appear next to perfect through the filter of social media, there’s one thing that is still raw and honest and full of soul, its live music. It connects people with each other because every live performance brings with it a story.

In recent years, Aspen has positioned itself as a hotspot for many international acts and artists. And if you are not packed up with your busy schedule, then be a part of some of the great performances happening in Aspen. Here are some of the upcoming performances in Aspen.

  1. Desert Dwellers:

Desert Dwellers is a profound duo from the desert that specializes in providing cross-genre, transcendental experiences that awaken the third eye. Composed of Amani Friend and Treavor Moon tribe, their rise to prominence began in the deserts of California and New Mexico in the 1990s. Scheduled for 23rd may, at bellyupaspen, they are going to give you a taste of rich Middle Eastern folk music, tribal house, and magnetic rhythms. There will be a surcharge of $5 under 21.

  1. Dead Phish Orchestra

If you are into folk or blues music, then the name of Dead Phish orchestra might not be new to you. DPO formed by the merger of the two bands The Grateful Dead and Phish. The Grateful Dead are an earthy, folky, bluesy band where Phish is sharper around the edges–funky and more aggressive. But both bands have an improvisational approach to their live shows, and it is in that spontaneity where the magic really happens. You will be seeing Chris Sheldon in Drums/Vocals, Paul Murin in Guitar/Vocals, Brian Adams in Bass/Vocals and Ted Tilton in Keyboards/Vocals. Scheduled to take place in 24th of May at bellyupaspen.

  1. Nattali Rize:

Becoming popular among the youth with her first solo album “Rebel frequency”, the Australian born Jamaican- based musician is all set to ignite that memory in ourselves of our individual and collective power to live life to the fullest. They will be performing on 25th of the may at bellyupaspen. Everyone over 18 years is eligible for tickets. 

  1. The Teskey Brothers

Known for discovering American soul music of the 1960s, Sam and Josh Teskey formed their soul blues band in 2008. Josh leads the vocals along with the rhythm guitar, accompanied by Sam on the lead and backing vocals. Taking inspiration from musicians such as Peter Green, Otis Redding, and Ray Charles, the Teskey Brothers has been inclined towards blues music from the time they started. They will lighten up your mood with their lovely covers on the 30th of may at bellupaspen.

Aspen has been renowned for live music festivals — such as the Bud Light HiFi Concert Series or the newest one, The Après — or to the acclaimed downtown music club called BellyUpAspen, which has entertained major acts for decades. Either way, a visit to Aspen Snowmass, in winter or summer, isn’t complete without checking into one of the many upcoming performances in Aspen.