London Hotel Booking – Unique Accommodations In Your London Visit

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London has much to give the curious traveller. Whether you are visiting for tourism, for business, or simply remaining for just one night in order to another destination, help make your visit memorable and select one of these simple delightfully unique accommodations when creating your hotel booking.

Bermondsey Square Hotel

Sure, The Beatles were from Liverpool. However that does not mean you cannot take in some swinging 60s style working in london. Bermondsey Square Hotel’s 79 bedrooms combine a stylish atmosphere delivered direct in the summer time of affection, having a modern twist to fulfill all music-loving explorers.

In case you really wish to enjoy a little bit of 60s worship, make your hotel booking within the luxury loft rooms. These four boutique rooms each boast their own features like a Japanese bath, a hammock as well as an outside hot-tub. Oh, and they are each named after famous songs in the 60s – “Judy”, “Ruby”, “Lily” and “Lucy”. A really groovy spot to help make your hotel booking.

Brown’s Hotel

Are you currently visiting London to absorb a number of its lengthy, wealthy history? Place your hotel in the centre of the historic experience making your hotel booking at Brown’s Hotel. It’s not only the earliest hotel within the city – additionally, it boasts many incredible tales. It’s famous because the location that Alexander Graham Bell made the very first ever telephone call, and it is rumoured that Rudyard Kipling penned the Jungle Book although remaining in the hotel.

Brown’s also boasts five-star status, with individually decorated rooms and suites. But I have saved what could be its best feature for last – its mid-day teas have won awards! Surely that alone is a great enough need to help make your hotel booking at Brown’s?

Courthouse Doubletree

This luxury establishment, that is run by Hilton, has already established quite a unique past existence. Oscar Wilde, Mick Jagger and John Lennon have visited, although not to see top-notch room service – the grade II listed building was once a magistrates court, and lots of famous faces had cases heard there.

Nowadays, your accommodation still offers most of the original options that come with the courthouse, and they’re superbly built-into the Hotel’s timeless decor. Using the famous shopping districts of Regent Street and Bond Street within easy distance, Courthouse Doubletree helps make the perfect hotel booking for individuals searching for a little bit of celebrity glamour within their London visit.