Make your Conference a Huge Success by Booking the Best Meeting Rooms

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A lot of thought process goes into planning a conference. The most important one being; where you plan on having the conference. Many companies might opt for a regular hotel with conference facilities, while others might prefer a venue meeting. This is an ongoing debate.

Choosing the Right Place for the Conference

A conference is an important event for the company. The company’s reputation is at stake here. Employees, directors, CEO, and important clients might attend the conference. Therefore everything should work out properly.

If your conference is in Bromont, Quebec you can search for conference rooms there. Try enquiring about rental conference rooms by asking about location de salle de congrès à Bromont. Quebec is a province where French is a common language. Locals would love if you could try conversing in French and might even give you some handy tips.

When it comes to hunting for the right conference room, some key points that you might want to remember would be:

  • The hotel should be located in a place that is easily accessible to the public
  • Check for amenities offered by the hotel such as free parking, Wi-Fi, laundry
  • Be sure about the headcount of the people attending the conference

  • This can help the hotel provide the right meeting room
  • Check with the hotel on the equipments they have such as AV’s, projectors and stationery

Venue Meetings or Hotels – A Tough Choice

Depending on your company’s budget and convenience, you can go for either venue meetings or hotels. Each has its own advantages and limitations. Hotel rooms are a convenient option if your conference is extended for a day or two. Attendees can rest in the hotel rooms and explore the nearby surroundings.

Attendees also get to use the facilities of the hotels such as gym, swimming pool, spa and other facilities which the hotels offer. You can even indulge in some team building activities and make the conference refreshing.

Venue meetings on the other hand, can be used only for meetings. You will have dedicated staffs that will cater to each and every requirement of the conference. They will take care of the minute details without you having to supervise them. Secondly, they will also have the latest equipment required for the conference.

This again depends from one hotel to another. You might need to research a bit and then narrow it down to the hotel or venue meeting of your choice.


The right atmosphere can lead to a successful conference. Ensure that you have a dedicated point of contact to ensure that everything is running smoothly.