Ouray In Winter: Things To Do, Attractions, And More!

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Ouray, called aptly as the “Switzerland of America, is a small town in Colorado located in the San Juan Mountains. Every season in Ouray is unique and special, and if you are adventure enthusiast, you will find this town beaming with options. Winters are particularly enjoyable in Ouray, and in this post, we are discussing the things that will interest travelers.

  • Head to Ouray Ice Park. If you are fond of snow climbing, Ouray Ice Park is where you need to head with the family. This is one of the better attractions of Ouray, and the locals come here in equal numbers. Ouray Ice Festival is a fundraising event for the ice park, which is held every January. People come here to take part in the winter climbing sport, and if you are not experienced in that, you will still love the vibe of Ouray Ice Fest.

  • Don’t miss The San Juans. These mountains that surround this picturesque town are worth a view. You can also enjoy varied kinds of winter activities here, right from snowmobiling to skiing. Note that these activities are in full swing in December and January, so make sure that your hotels are booked in advance.
  • Relax at The Ouray Hot Springs. The Ouray Hot Springs refers to natural hot springs that offer a warm and relaxing experience, especially in the winters. Although open all through the year, the overall excitement is high in the season, because you are enjoying a warm soak while the snowflakes fall from the sky.
  • Make time for local enjoyment. Ouray has two museums that are located in the center of the town, and you can also check options in Montrose and Ridgway, which are not very far away from the town. The town also has a few nice breweries, and we recommend that you consider the Ouray Brewery for the outstanding dining experience it offers on the roof. From pub-style dishes to craft beers, there’s enough to keep you hooked all through the evening. In mood for Irish-American food? Head straight to O’Brien’s Pub, which is equally famed for signature dishes.

In conclusion

As you can guess, Ouray has a unique charm in winters, and there is no way you can miss an escapade here. The hotels and accommodations are equally good, and you wouldn’t mind spending a tad more for a big room that has a cozy king-sized bed. Check your options now!