The Truly Amazing Bo Phut Beach Adventure

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Eventually on Bo Phut beach before our bungalow on Koh Samui (pre-Club Mediterranean 1986) there is a little rowboat, large enough for four people, pulled ashore. I requested Lek about this, and that he stated that uncle in the fishing village had loaned it to him for some time for fishing. I requested when we can use it (we being myself and a few Japanese guys I’d locked myself onto). He stated sure.

Japanese could be pretty simple to talk into things if you are excited enough, so that as willing when i thought these were at that time, it had not been difficult to be passionate about such plans. Pointing towards the big island of hawaii about two kilometers over the bay, I stated, That’s Kod Phang Nga Let us visit within this boat! These were willing and off we went.

The Gulf of Siam is very calm, for the information, a lot more like an excellent big lake compared to ocean. Still, it required us three hrs or even more to obtain there. So when we finally made we’d to navigate beyond the stage where we’re able to see Kho Samui to find a seaside to find.

We’ve got from the boat and sitting around the sand. Before us would be a white-colored sandy beach, and behind us sharp rocks and plant. There have been also a lot of bugs, however that didnt bother us. The scenery was incredible. A lot nature and never an individual found. It had been probably the most remote and delightful places that i’ve ever visited. Very little to complete except relax. We introduced an open-air picnic lunch coupled with a couple of beers. Following a nice sunburn along with a full stomach, i was very content.

When we’ve got back it had been nearing dusk. Lek checked out us and may only smile. Its like tengoku (Japanese word for paradise). I am not sure where he found that word (most likely from Japanese vacationers), however it was the right saying for any perfect trip. A slice of paradise. Just wish we’d have introduced the fishing tackle.