What are the best Travel Insurance Plans for Frequent Flyers?

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As frequent flyers, majority of you must have experienced the usual scruples of travelling with extra luggage, the bane of delayed flights and the likes. Although one might shrug them off as casualties that a frequent flyer must bear, it is a wise decision to buy a good travel insurance plan to be on the safer side. In the long run, it saves you from a host of problems and of course, time.

Securing a trip with the right plan makes all the difference as travel insurance provides a lot of benefits like medical reimbursements as well as an extensive coverage for the loss of luggage or delay in schedule.

Medical exigencies

Mishaps and illnesses only need an excuse to deter us from taking that one important business meeting or that much awaited family trip. So care must be taken to feel secured with a travel insurance plan which covers cancellation charges as well as the medical costs that incur should there be any reason for hospitalization during the trip. In this case, the travel insurance becomes an extension of our health insurance and provides travel related benefits if there is such an agreement between the purchaser and the insurance scheme provider.

Luggage loss

A checked in bag faces immense possibilities of being lost, redirected or damaged. A frequent flier loses their attire, documents and other important contents if their luggage is misplaced. A travel insurance plan helps to salvage the damage by reimbursing the costs of the contents of the luggage that includes expensive business attires, expensive gadgets, other valuable items and the like. Even the luggage that is damaged during transit is also compensated for in travel insurance plans.


Generally, people don’t cancel trips, but due to emergencies, it might so happen that one is forced to cancel their trip. The costs are reimbursed provided that there is a valid reason for the cancellation.

Plans to consider

There are multi-trip plans that are provided for people travelling frequently so that there is no hassle involving delays, baggage loss and the likes. Most multiple trip plans are not very inclusive, but one can upgrade to them eventually or buy them every time they plan on a big trip. Overseas travel insurance plans can be the best option for people travelling for business purposes abroad. Emergency medical care is also covered in these packages.

Needless to say, benefits of travel insurance plans are many, and you might not delay in getting yours any further!